Limbo Cyclorama Studio

The space equipped to surprise.

A space conceived and created to host top-level video productions and photo shoots. Limbo-cyclorama, green screen, motorized stage lighting truss, lights, crane, dollies, and the list goes on and on: our laying room stands out for the versatility, comfort and quality of the equipment.

In addition, the size of the space, 400 m², offers high standards of capacity and safety, offering all the areas necessary to work in maximum comfort: large limbo (9 m x 4.5 m x 6 m), laboratory, relaxation lounge, make-up room and editing area.
Our Limbo Cyclorama Studio allows the creation of photo shoots, commercials, product videos, video clips, live streaming and much more. The high degree of innovation set-up and the wide range of equipment are essential advantages, but they are not the only benefits that distinguish us. Here you can find the advice that helps you make the best choices throughout the entire production process.

Services Limbo Cyclorama Studio

Rent-X-Space: rent only the installation room and use your equipment. This service is perfect if you are a videomaker or a freelance photographer who needs the right space to work. In addition, a large selection of two-color LED lights, RGB, HMI and tungsten are included in the cost of the room.

Rent-X-SpaceTech: : rent both the space and the equipment necessary for your production. Camcorders, optics, monitors, lights, audio, grips, tripods and much more: we can provide you with the best that the market offers for audiovisual production. This service is perfect for studios and communication agencies looking for a reliable and competent production reality.

Rent-X-All: all-inclusive rental service including laying room, equipment and professional skills necessary to make your product. In practice, you only have to worry about your needs, we'll take care of the rest. Rent-X-All is perfect for companies looking for a partner who can provide a turnkey solution.