EzFx Remote Head

Slider, Dolly e Gimbal

€ 35.00+iva


The EZ Head RPT 25 from EZ FX remote controlled pan and tilt head for use with video and film cameras up to 25 lb. It can be mounted to jibs, camera cranes, dollies, tripods, high hats or wall mounts: basically, anywhere you want to place a camera and operate it from a remote position. It features hollow pivot points that allow the zoom, focus, monitoring cables, etc. to be run to the camera without the risk of tangling them on 360° camera movement. The frame can be mounted in both the over slung or under slung positions. The camera cradle is adjustable horizontally and vertically to get a zero gravity camera balance.

The joystick controller includes a speed control knob for pan and tilt and a ramping knob that softens the motor's start and stop sensitivity. It also features switches for changing the pan and tilt direction and a linear/ logarithmic switch that changes the center point sensitivity. Additionally, an auxiliary switch allows the motors to be driven by the joystick or the pot control on the side of the unit. This dual purposed design lets you use the controller to drive the EZ Slider. Moreover, in the auxiliary mode, the joystick can drive a rotating turntable clockwise or counter clockwise.

Designed for easy set-up, the EZ Head is easy to balance in both horizontal and vertical planes and the servo motor bracket makes engaging the sprockets simple yet precise. It comes standard with a hard carry case with foam inserts and mounting hardware.

  • 25 lb camera capacity (11kg)
  • Joystick controller with speed, ramping, and direction controls
  • Two precision gear motors for multiple functions
  • Frame with center looms and adjustable camera cradle
  • Works in both over and under slung configurations
  • 5-pin XLR 25' extension cable and Y-cable splitter
  • Hollow pivot points for cabling
  • Power supply via 4-pin XLR connection (100 to 240 VAC input and output of 12V, 1.25 A)
  • Hard case with foam inserts and mounting hardware included