E-Image Hi Hat with 75/100mm Bowl


€ 3.00+iva


The E-Image Hi-Hat with 75/100mm Bowl allows you to capture low-angle shots with loads up to 110 pounds. It features an all-metal construction and is compatible with both 75mm and 100mm ball tripod heads. Rubber grip material on the underside of the feet helps protect surfaces from scratches, as well as keep the hi-hat in place.

Key Features

  • Load Capacity: 110 lb

  • Working Height: 6"

  • Dual-sized 75mm and 100mm bowl

  • All aluminum and metal construction

  • Protective rubber on underside of feet

  • Fits 75mm and 100mm ball heads, including E-image GH06, GH08, GH10, GH10L, GH15 and GH25