Binario Heavy-Duty Cinema Track 4.87mt

Slider, Dolly e Gimbal

€ 35.00+iva


For any cameraman, the track rails are an accessory quite familiar. Proaim introduces a Heavy-Duty Cinema Track for Heavy Dollies and Cranes. The innovatively designed Dolly Track is engineered to match the requirements that allow for smooth dolly shots in a variety of situations where traditional setups would be cumbersome. The tracks are very easy to use as a result of special High-strength aluminium and CNC construction. It features Fixed Steel Jointers, Fixed Crossties with Steel Tie-Brace for enhanced strength, durability, and retention; significantly offset the effects of high impact loads and stresses. The track ends are precisely cut to guarantee perfect track connections. The Collapsible design minimizes the space requirement for transport and storage. This heavy-duty Track is more than an enhancement of conventional tracks.