360° Rotatable Euro/Elemac Adapter

Slider, Dolly e Gimbal

€ 5.00+iva


Proaim has launched Euro/Elemac Rotatable Adapter with brake, which works with any Euro-based Dolly system, Bazooka and Camera Risers. The versatile adapter provides a myriad of camera mount configurations using possible accessories. This quality constructed Rotating Adapter guarantees a perfect and smooth panning of the camera, thus enabling dynamic professional shots. The Locking Brake ensures a tight and rigid lock off. This CNC aluminum constructed adapter is extremely stable and sturdy at a very affordable price.

Key Features

  • Construction: CNC Aluminum
  • Panning: 360°
  • Mounting: Euro Base
  • Product Weight (Without Packing): 3.2kg/7.04lb